Proceeding of The International Conference of Business and Banking Innovations (ICOBBI) 2019. The International conference held at 24 August 2019 in Novotel Samator Surabaya East Hotel.

Topic: Strategic Challenge of Business and Banking Within an Information Literacy and Innovations Technology 

Keynote Speaker:

1. Kai Chi (Samuel) Yam, Ph.D. "The raise of machines: How do employess and customers perceive and interact with robot and machine?" - Assistant Professor of Management at National University of Singapore Business School.

2. Chonlatis Darawong, Ph.D. - " Innovation and technology management in marketing perspective" - Head of MBA Program Sripatum University Thailand.

3. Prof. Madya Dr. Reevany Bustami - " Goes to Islamic CSR: Seven principles of transformational organization" - Associate Professor University Sains Malaysia.



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Published: 2019-11-18

Enhancing The Awareness of Farmers’ Towards Their Role Through Gamification

Himawan Nur Ardhito, Yuanita Handayati, Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto