Opininion Mining and Interview to Anlyze Factors Influencing Consumen in Choosing Foundation (Case Study: Female Daily Network's Users)

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Silvi Absharina Ainun Fahrizah


The growth of cosmetics industry in Indonesia shows a good increase align with country’s thriving number of middle-class consumers in 2017. Cosmetics industry reached an impressive growth of 11.99% in 2017. The problem is local brand foundations are still facing difficulties to compete and gain bigger market share. Big global brands like Unilever still wins overall market share since they grab 70% market share of Indonesia’s cosmetics market. This re-search aims to find the factors influencing consumers in choosing foundation. This research used opinion mining and in-depth interview to collect the data from Female Daily Network users opinion. The result indicates that keywords that have been written by users on Female Daily Platform are appeared to be different with respondent’s relevant keywords from in-depth interview. The findings of this research are expected to gives an insightful knowledge of consumers’ preference towards foundation to be useful information generat-ing the right decision making in marketing and new product development.

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