Benefits and Risk Perception of User Financial Technology Satisfaction and Trust in Indonesia: Literature Review and Proposed Model Literature Review and Proposed Model

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Bachtiar Eka Kaca Sungkana, Yudi Sutarso, Tjahjani Prawitowati


Financial Technology (Fintech) is an innovation of current financial system. InIndonesia, there are 113 companies offering fintech services and have been registeredby government. In fintech operation, there are still abuses of these technologicaladvancements, such as data tapping and misuse of customer databases. Based onthese conditions, this study aims to analyze the effects of benefits and types of risks -privacy risk, social risk, security risk, and financial risk- on customer trust andsatisfaction. The study of users benefits of fintech is measured by the risks perception.Financial risk is a risk resulting financial losses of consumer. Social risk is arisk from lack of acceptance by consumers in the community. Privacy risk is loss ofpersonal data disclosure as results of transactions activities. Security risk is more onthe level of security in the transaction affecting to personal survival. Therefore, thisstudy propose a conceptual model of user satisfaction and trust in terms of perceptionsof risks and benefits existed in Fintech

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