The Effect of Islamic work ethics (IWE) on organization and performance: Evidence from an oil gas company

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Moh Shoim, Abdul Mongid, Tjahjani Prawitowati


This study aims to examine the effect of Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) on Organiza-tional Commitment and Performance with Job Satisfaction and Intrinsic Motiva-tion as mediating variables. The method used in this study is the survey method, the sample consists of all employees of PT. PHE WMO Gresik and collected using a questionnaire. This study examines the influence between variables by using partial least square (PLS). The results of the study indicate that Islamic Work Ethics has a direct influence on Organizational Commitment and Performance. Meanwhile, Job Satisfaction and Intrinsic Motivation can be considered as a variable that connects the mediating variables of Islamic Work Ethics to Organi-zational Performance and Commitment.
The implication of this research is to encourage companies to pay attention to organizational commitment and performance to create good relationships between employees and the company.

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