Analyzing Employee Engagement Improvement in CV. Crisbar Using AON Hewitt and Deloitte Model

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Muhammad Khasan Abdurrohman, Hary Febriansyah


CV. Crisbar is a private company established in August 29th, 2017. This businessworking on the sector of fast-food-service which based in Bandung. The issues occuredwhen the rate of turnover is considered as high and also there is no KPI as an indicatorto assess the employee performance. Based on the issue, this research aims to reveal: (1)current condition & kind of factors that affect the employee engagement, (2) providesrecommendation. The researcher is using employee engagement model from two credi-ble human resource consulting company, AON Hewitt and Deloitte. Those two modelis combined into a new model which has a simplification model from both. This re-search uses two major data collections (1) primary data and (2) secondary data. The researcher use SPSS statistical tests such as reliability, validity, normality, multicol-linearity, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation, linearity, factor analysis, and MLR.From the data analysis, the finding for current employee engagement level in CV.Crisbar is in very good and need to be maintained, with average score of 4.37 out of 5.There also two factors (work motivation and welfare) that affect the employee engage-ment, work motivation is considered as the most significant with score of 0.989 out of1.527. Welfare factor has the score of 0.538 out of 1.527. The partial improvementdecided by the lowest score from each of the factor which categorized as “acceptable,need to be improved”. The items are in the areas of enabling infrastructure and alsocorporate responsibility.

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